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A time machine for bugs

Full resolution screencast of user actions synced with developer console logs, network traffic & all the environmental data you need. Save time with awesome bug reports.


BugReplay gives you all the data you need to diagnose and fix issues

Developer Console Logs

Wish you could see the full JS console along with the video? The screencast is automatically synchronized with JavaScript exceptions and console debugging logs, including stack traces for errors. You can see exactly what's happening at a precise moment in the video.

Network Traffic

Stop guessing whether a network call fired. All network requests & responses are synced with the video, so you can pinpoint exactly where the problem occurred. To measure your site's performance, the report includes resource timing information for every request.

Network Traffic

Stop guessing whether a network call fired. All network requests and responses are synced with the screencast, so you can pinpoint where the problem occurred.

Environmental Data

Sites have different behavior depending on the user's environment. BugReplay reports include the user's device and web browser, and other environmental data such as whether cookies are enabled, so you can rule out those variables fast.

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Record your screen

Show your developers exactly what happened, and how it happened

Narrate your recording

Using your mic, walk your team through the screen recording

Annotate with a comment

Add comments and flags at specific points throughout the video


Take unlimited screenshots in addition to videos

3-second countdown

Position your screen before the recording commences

Share a report

Keep your reports private or easily share them outside your team with a public URL

Local storage

For additional security, ask about our Desktop product (currently in beta)

Organize your dashboard

With projects, tags, statuses, search filters, and more


Get notified about key project activity

Feedback tool

Receive the same videos from your clients without asking them to create an account

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Integrates with all the tools you use

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