Save time with awesome bug reports.

Full resolution screencast of user actions synched with developer console logs, network traffic & all the environmental data you need.

BugReplay gives you all the data you need to diagnose and fix issues

Developer Console Logs
Wish you could see their JS console? Collect JavaScript exceptions and console debugging logs that are synced to the screencast, with full stack traces for errors.
Network Traffic
Stop guessing whether a network call fired. All network requests and responses are synced with the screencast, so you can pinpoint where the problem occurred.
Environmental Data
Stop asking if they have cookies enabled. Automatically receive information about their browser, OS, locale, time zone, system memory and whether they have cookies enabled.

You need BugReplay if you're a...

Web Developer
See the problem first-hand with all the information you need to diagnose and fix it, without the endless back-and-forth.
Security Researcher
Demonstrating a security issue is seldom easy. Now all you have to do is hit "record" and share the video.
QA Tester
You're the last line of defense in ensuring the product is ready, and it's now easier to show developers exactly what's left to do.
Customer Support Rep
Simply request "Feedback" videos from your customers without requiring them to create accounts. Make bug resolution the highlight of your customer support program.
Project Manager
Onboarding team members, assigning tickets, monitoring progress...and just getting stuff done...have never been easier.

Integrates with all the tools you use

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