July 12, 2016


We are planning to offer integrations for as many services as our users need but of course, we had to start somewhere. So where did we start?

Slack: Slack is a team messaging app. We’ve been using Slack since the first day we started BugReplay and we use it every.single.day. BugReplay’s integration with Slack will send a notification to whatever channel you choose when a new report is made.

GitHub: a web-based host for Git source code repositories (but chances are if you’re reading this post you already knew that). Our dev team has always used GitHub so it was a natural move for us to integrate with one of our regular services.

JIRA: As one of the most (if not the most?) popular issue tracker, it wouldn’t make sense to leave this one out. We prioritized integrating with JIRA because it’s relied upon by developers all over the world. Our integration is so seamless, especially if you’re familiar with JIRA capture.

Email: This is more of a notification but you can choose any email address to receive a notification when a new report is made.

Looking forward to providing more integrations in the future!

Have a service you want us to integrate with? Let us know!