Feedback by BugReplay

stop asking your customers

'Do you have
cookies enabled?'

Get technical reports from non-technical people.


Screen Recording of user actions

Capture all the data you need without frustrating your customers with tons of questions. See exactly what they see, and solve their problems faster.

JS error logging

Screen recordings are synchronized with JavaScript exceptions and console debugging logs, with full stack traces for errors, so you can see exactly what went wrong.

Network traffic + Resource timing

All network requests and responses are synced with the screencast, so you can pinpoint where the problem occurred. With resource timing information, you can see the performance of each network request.

Environmental details

Automatically collect information about their browser, operating system, and whether they have cookies enabled. Report details are provided for recordings as well as for screenshot sessions.

Get started in under a minute - no code required

Within minutes, you can have your customers send detailed bug reports without asking them to create an account. With a click of a button, they will launch the browser extension, hit “record,” and retrace their steps.

Send personalized emails

Send out requests for feedback directly to your customers from your dashboard. Customize the subject line & message to give as much direction as you wish.

Drop the button anywhere

Put the Feedback button anywhere on your website to let customers create reports without an invitation, and add reports to support tickets with our Zendesk integration.

Improve your Workflow with BugReplay.