Our changelog for new features added to BugReplay.

February 2, 2022

Web app

January 27, 2022

Desktop app for Mac, Linux, and Windows- Version 1.3.3

January 20, 2022

Web app

January 11, 2022

Android App- Version 1.0.25

December 20, 2021

Web app

Browser Extensions -Version 4.0.13 (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

December 15, 2021

Web app

Desktop app for Mac, Linux, and Windows- Version 1.3.1

December 7, 2021

Web app

October 1, 2021

iOS App 1.7

September 22, 2021

Web app

September 13, 2021

Web app

September 8, 2021

Web app

August 9, 2021

Web Extension Version 4.0.11

July 30, 2021

Web Extension Version 4.0.10

July 22, 2021

Web app

Web Extension Version 4.0.9

June 21, 2021

Web app

May 19, 2021

Web app

BugReplay Desktop Extension 4.0.7- Chrome and Edge

BugReplay Desktop App Version 1.1.0- Mac, Windows, Linux

April 29, 2021

Web app

BugReplay Desktop Extension 4.0.7- Chrome and Edge

Safari Extension- Version

iOS app, Version 1.5

April 2, 2021

Web app

NEW PRODUCT- Safari Extension (Version 1.0)

BugReplay is now available as a Safari extension. We are currently in the process of updating our documentation to show how to download the Safari extension. Please contact hello@bugreplay.com for more information.

NEW PRODUCT- BugReplay Desktop App with Local Storage (Version 1.0)

The desktop app is a streamlined version of BugReplay that bypasses the cloud. You can save reports locally on your machine. All network/API requests are local to your instance.

The product will be available in early April for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, for use on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Contact hello@bugreplay.com for early access.

March 31, 2021

iOS app, Version 1.4

March 24, 2021

Chrome / Edge / Firefox Extensions - Version 3.4.6

Feedback by BugReplay Extensions - Version 3.4.6

March 10, 2021

Web app


Our Android app is now available in Google Play! Download here:

With version 1.0, you can:

February 26, 2021

Web app

Chrome / Edge / Opera / Firefox Extensions - Version 3.4.5

February 5, 2021

iOS app, Version 1.3

January 25, 2021

iOS app, Version 1.2

January 22, 2021

iOS app, Version 1.1- New Features:

January 14, 2021

Happy New Year! For our first update of 2021, here's what we have:

Web app

A new gif for a new year!

December 21, 2020

Web app

December 10, 2020

Automated Testing

BugReplay is now available for Cypress! Check it out on our GitHub page for more information.

December 1, 2020

Web app

  • For teams, we made it easier to see which team member created the report. The "created by" field is now viewable right on the dashboard in addition to the report information tab.
  • You can now search & filter by tags in addition to statuses.
  • We made it easier to take bulk action with multiple reports at a time. You can select all the reports in your project, not just the 10 reports that show up on the first page of the dashboard. Bulk actions now include the ability to share multiple reports at a time, as well as archive, assign, add statuses and tags, and move them to other projects.

Automated Testing

  • Our WebdriverIO integration is now available on Edge.
  • We updated the user interface so you can now see automated tests filtered by the test run (and in the same hierarchy as the test suite) and whether a test passed or failed.

October 26, 2020

Our iOS app is now available in the App Store!

With version 1.0, you can:

  • Take screen recordings
  • Take screenshots
  • Capture developer console logs and network traffic
  • Visit the "Most Recent" URLs visited
  • Narrate your videos using phone's microphone
  • Save the screenshot or video to your mobile device

October 14, 2020

Chrome 3.4.3 & Firefox 3.4.2

  • Various bug fixes and other improvements

October 7, 2020

Web app

  • We fixed some bugs with respect to our Feedback by BugReplay extension and Zendesk integration.
  • We also fixed a bug relating to the "epics" field on our Jira integration.

September 23, 2020

BugReplay is now available for automated testing! This product launch begins with our WebdriverIO integration. Check it out on our GitHub page.

Watch our tutorial on YouTube:

September 10, 2020

Web app

  • HAR file extraction (currently only available on Chrome, for both the BugReplay and the Feedback by BugReplay extensions)
  • Improved user interface surrounding canceling and deleting recordings from the extension
  • Video URL in the extension now takes you to the video player, while the video is still processing
  • Recordings can now pick up audio from a website, in addition to video
  • Pre-defined JIRA ticket values (so you don't have to enter the same information for every report)

July 7, 2020

Web app

  • Resolved a runtime error if you try to search before the network traffic finishes loading
  • Resolved a runtime error when opening some network request (Request Details)
  • Made the player a bit larger by default

June 25, 2020

Web app

  • Improved video player (faster load time & integrated with the main website)
  • New Feedback by BugReplay extension. Learn more
  • Some fixes & error handling in the extensions
  • New static react site (the site now loads faster)

May 21, 2020

Web app

  • Fixed Assignment Email Bug (Sending email to creator instead of assignee)
  • Fixed "Forgot Password" Bugs
  • Moving JWT to cookies from LocalStorage (So that it can be shared with the extension)
  • Reset password now deletes all existing sessions
  • Updates to the Github integration
  • Fixed a bug that prevented clients who previously canceled their account from logging in and re-subscribing

April 24, 2020

Chrome / Edge / Opera / Firefox Extension 3.2.4

  • Optional 3-second countdown clock to allow users to position their browser/screen before the recording starts

April 16, 2020

Chrome / Edge / Opera / Firefox Extension 3.2.3

  • Settings Menu with User Info, FAQ and Logout
  • Minor UI cleanup on create report & cancel report screens
  • Handle edge case on chrome when OS level mic permission is revoked after granting it
  • Better looking error messages across all platforms
  • Better error handling on when permission isn't granted or OS level permissions are missing
  • The Firefox extension now allows you to record your mic during the video recordings
  • BugReplay is now available on Opera

March 24, 2020

Web app

  • Network traffic upload and download speed improvements.
  • Video player now has a loading indicator to indicate when network traffic is downloading.
  • Improvements to the UI for sharing and un-sharing a report from the video player.
  • Bug fixes.

March 4, 2020

Chrome Extension

  • Enhanced error logging

January 28, 2020

Web app

  • Changes to the video transcoder to improve video processing reliability and overall site reliability.

January 16, 2020

Web app

  • Show URLs in playback video. This version displays the recorded URL in the playback video.
  • Handle large network traffic logs. This version allows you to record videos with larger network traffic logs and review the logs in the playback video.
  • Remember email/password. This version introduces the option of remembering your email/password at login for quicker access to your dashboard.
  • Hide JS Logs for Firefox recordings. Due to differences in capabilities between Chrome and Firefox, we are unable to capture and display JS logs on Firefox recordings, so we hid that tab from the playback video.
  • Extend Video Player timeout. This version extends the video player timeout; playback videos and associated data are now accessible for 2 hours (after which time  a page refresh is required).
  • Required fields. When creating a report, we identified which fields are required.
  • Change Password emails. You'll now receive an email in all cases when you change your password.
  • Error logging. We also enhanced our logging of errors so we can respond more efficiently to any bugs/issues.
  • Bug Fixes. This version fixes bugs associated with integrations and notifications.

Chrome Extension

  • Narrate your video. This version introduces the option of narrating your videos with your computer mic.
  • Extension redesign. This version introduces some design changes to improve the user interface
  • Capture URL. This version captures the URL during the recording; the URL is now displayed in the playback video.

Firefox Extension

  • Capture URL. This version captures the URL during the recording; the URL is now displayed in the playback video.
  • Fixes. Given limitations with Firefox, we are currently unable to display the JavaScript logs on playback videos, resulting in a greyed out tab that may have given the appearance that the site was broken. We therefore removed the JS Logs tab on the video player.

January 2, 2020

We have big plans for 2020, and one of our goals is to keep all our customers up-to-date on what we're releasing and when. Since we completed a major overhaul of our site last year, there are lots of updates. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We completed an overhaul of the entire site, and updated the designs and the user interface in the process. We also released brand new versions of the Chrome and Firefox extensions.
  • We implemented lots of user requests, one of which is the ability to play videos at 2x the speed. Keep those requests coming!
  • The videos now come with information on resource timing, so you can analyze network timing data regarding the loading of a site’s resource(s).
  • You can now annotate a video with your mic, making it easier to explain what's happening. More methods of annotation are in the works and will be released later this year.
  • We added some third-party integrations. We now integrate with: Jira, Github, Gitlab, Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and Zapier. More on the way!
  • We updated the registration and login flows, including the Sign Up with Google feature, so it’s now even quicker to get started.
  • There's now a Notifications bell on the dashboard, making it easy to see updates on the bugs that are important to you.
  • We’ve added a tool we call “Feedback by BugReplay”- it allows your own customers and other people outside your team to submit video bug reports without the need to join your team or even create an account!
  • Add attachments to a bug report, such as screenshots and other files, after a report is created.
  • It's now easier to manage all your bugs: there are now a lot more project management tools, from message boards for each report, to the ability to create projects, assign tasks, add statuses and tags, and more.

To all our partners and customers, thanks for your support, and stay tuned for more announcements to come!